Government scrappage deals on cars

government scrappage deals on cars
2019-09-20 03:10

CAR giants are offering hefty scrappage deals as the government considers a scheme to ban the sale of new diesel and petrol cars from 2040. Both moves are being made in a bid to cut air pollution. Here's what you need to know about the 2018 schemes The diesel scrappage scheme was proposed as aLatest 2018 scrappage scheme deals. A growing number of car makers are extending the scrappage tradein incentive schemes they launched last year to entice owners out of their older petrol and diesel cars. government scrappage deals on cars

Government Scrappage Scheme Latest News The exact details and implementations have yet to be finalised but the following is a summary of the latest information The Government will give 1, 000 and the manufacturer will give 1, 000 for your old car

This scrappage scheme is open to both petrol and diesel cars and like its rivals requires only that the car be seven years or older. The companys offering a flat fee of 2, 000 off any Nissan Leaf, which combined with government incentives should reduce the The Governmentbacked scrappage scheme isnt running at the moment, but the schemes listed below will accept old vehicles from any manufacturer, and will offer buyers a fixed discount, regardless of what the old car is worth.government scrappage deals on cars Fords scrappage deal offers an additional 2000 off any models, in addition to existing deals, meaning 4000 can be shaved off the cost of a new Kuga. The incentive applies to Euro 14 cars and all tradedin vehicles will be scrapped.

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