Steam coupons are useless

steam coupons are useless
2019-11-17 02:13

If at least the coupons were for games that are more than 10 anyway. On the other hand I think if someone has a coupon for a game you want, and you can save 5 bucks by using the coupon, it should be worth 1 or 2 cars forLooking for trading cards or coupons for games? Or do you have trading cards and coupons which you do not need? This group is intended to help people with these or other interests around coupons. steam coupons are useless

Oct 21, 2017 I got a coupon in my steam inventory for 50 civ 6 deluxe edition (which I only have base game with Aztec dlc). I cant use the coupon because I already

The expiration date is displayed in the detailed information for each coupon in your Steam Inventory. Can I trade Steam Coupons? Yes! You can trade your Steam Coupons using our Steam Trading system. For more information on how Steam Trading works please visit the following FAQ. Can I give my coupon to another Steam user? Absolutely. Complete list of all Steam Coupons for July 2018 guaranteed! 25 off at Steam, 20 off at Steam,steam coupons are useless The coupons are a thinly veiled attempt by valve to stress test the steam inventory systems by flooding everyone with useless items that will disappear after the test is over.

steam coupons are

We do not allow individual posts about the steam servers being down. Support. Support. Do not create threads requesting support. This mainly includes, but is not strictly limited to: Refund issues. Trading or market issues. Steam client or server issues. General crashes and gamespecific issues. Account issues such as bans, hijackings, or steam coupons are useless Steam is an online gaming, social networking, and DRM platform. It is known for its small size, diversity of downloadable games, and compatibility with different operating systems. Steam users are also fond of its economical price and regular feature updates.

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Free Steam coupons are useless

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